Welcome to Beyond the Booth!

Hello and welcome all to Beyond the Booth!  Please allow me to give a little background on myself.  My name is Noah Eyman and I am one of Epic's DJs/Floorgaurds.  I have been a part of the Epic team since the doors where opened back in 2013 and have been able to witness and contribute to the growth of this revolutionary family attraction.  The Epi-log is designed to bring a little extra fun to the entire Epicrollertainment experience!  Here we will go over all different types of topics! And when I say "all different types" I really mean "randomly whatever our hearts desire!" Beyond the Booth is a place where the sky is the limit!  I cannot wait to see where this will take us!  I have a lot of topics planned for the future but I would also love to hear your suggestions as well!  You all can message me on Facebook your suggestions.

Until next time!


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  1. BarbLynn66
    Hi Noah. Why don't you still keep this going? Barbara