Holiday Gifts that Inspire Healthy Living

Healthy Holiday Fun

It's that time of year again, and everyone is trying to find the perfect gifts for friends and family members. This season, instead of giving a traditional gift that includes calorie packed goodies and overstuffed stockings full of sugar-filled candy canes, why not try something that inspires healthy living? Although it's fun to indulge in treats during the holiday season, health should still be a priority. Try giving something that will support a healthy lifestyle to help keep your loved ones healthy and happy all year long.

Here is our list of holiday gifts that inspire healthy living:

Roller Skates

Roller skates are the perfect gift for kids and adults alike. They are fun to use and have a lot of health benefits. Skating promotes weight loss, improves balance, builds endurance, and relieves stress. At Epic's skate shop you'll find roller skates and accessories such as laces, toe stops, and wheels. Our shop is located right inside Epic Rollertainment where you can purchase beginner skates, quad skates, derby skates, in-line skates and more. For more information about our skate shop click HERE.


A Juicer

Juicers are something that most people wouldn't think to buy for themselves on a regular basis. They can be pricey sometimes but if you shop around you can usually find a good deal. And, there are tons of quality juicers online for under fifty dollars. Juicers are also a great gift idea for the health nuts in your life. They are a great way to be sure you are getting all the vitamins and nutrients you need in one simple drink. Making fresh juice is a lot healthier than store-bought juice that contains tons of sugar and high fructose corn syrup.


Exercise Equipment

There's a plethora of at-home exercise equipment on the market. From fitness bands to dumbbells and yoga mats - there are so many gift ideas for the fitness lover. Obviously, exercise equipment makes a great gift for people who love to workout. But it also makes a great gift for the busy people in our life -- those who don't have the time or money to spend on a gym membership.


Athletic Wear

If you are comfortable guessing someone's size or for someone you have a closer relationship with, athletic wear might be the perfect solution. It is commonly said that one is more likely to work out while wearing athletic clothes than someone who is not. I feel this to be true simply because you are more motivated and feel more comfortable and loose and ready to get moving. Although it is simply clothing that you wear to sweat in, athletic clothing can get very pricey, making it the perfect gift for not only the health conscientious but also the penny pincher.


Water Bottle

A nice water bottle with carrying convenience and an appealing design is a great, easy, gift that is also inexpensive. Water is the foundation for life, and it is extremely important to drink at least eight cups a day. With a great water bottle that has an appealing look to it and a feature that helps keep water cold, nobody has any excuse to not be staying hydrated throughout the day.


Wireless Headphones

One of the biggest motivators for someone who enjoys a good workout is music. Anyone who tries to listen to music while running on a treadmill or doing any type of cardio routine knows how important wireless headphones are. The wire gets in your way while trying to move. Wireless headphones solve this problem completely, that's why they are the perfect gift for the fit family and friends in your life.



One of the biggest barriers for most people who are trying to eat a healthier diet is eating out. When you eat out you are more likely to eat more, and you don't know what exactly is being put in your food. That's why buying someone new kitchenware is a great way to encourage home cooking and meal planning. A lot of people have every intention of cooking at home more often, but when it comes down to it they lack the proper kitchen equipment that they need or they need to replace older pots and pans that just don't cook as well as they used to. Giving the gift of kitchen gadgets allows them to get excited about cooking at home again and will promote a healthier diet.


Food Storage Containers

One simple, yet useful, gift idea for the healthy loved ones in your life is something most people wouldn't think about giving as a gift but would actually love to receive and that is food storage containers. Food storage containers are always the last thing you think about buying for yourself when at the store but yet are always disappearing. Food storage containers make it easy for meal prepping so that you only have to cook once, and then using individual food storage containers, you can organize and plan your meals for the entire week. Giving this gift to a loved one will promote the idea of meal planning while also making it easier to do so.


Monthly Skate Pass

Services and memberships make great gifts too, and a monthly skate pass from Epic Rollertainment can be a fun surprise. You can purchase monthly skate passes at the front desk of Epic Rollertainment. Passes are $59 without a skate rental, and $69 with a skate rental. Purchase one for a friend or the whole family, and enjoy unlimited public skate sessions for a whole month.

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