Keeping Your Roller Skates In Tip Top Shape

Want to Get the Most Out of Your Roller Skates?
Roller skate maintenance is an important way to increase the lifespan of your skates. Maintaining your skates will also help keep you safe and avoid major safety hazards. Ready to get started? We've provided five ways to help you maintain your roller skates:

Tighten Your Trucks
Roller skate trucks help keep your skates together. They attach to the bottom of your skates and hold your wheels in place. For safety reasons, it's important to ensure your roller skate trucks are tight and secure. If you roller skate outdoors or on rough terrains, you may need tighten your trucks more often than other skaters.

Keep Your Boots Dry
It’s important to keep your boots free of moisture. When skating, the inside of your boots can become moist. After skating be sure to loosen your shoestrings and let your boots air dry naturally. If you skate outdoors, in the rain or in the mud, be sure to remove any moisture from the outside of your boots. Wipe your roller skates off with a dry cloth or paper towel to keep them clean and dry.

Ensure Your Toe Stops are in the Correct Spot
Toe stops are generally found on the front of quad skates or back of inline skates. They are designed to help you break while skating. On the other hand, an incorrectly placed toe stop may make it difficult to break. Adjust your toe stop to meet your specific needs. To do so, take a spin on your skates and experiment to find the right position for you. Check periodically to ensure that your toe stops are in the correct spot.

Keep Your Bearings Dry and Clean
Roller skate bearings are the round metal pieces between your wheels. They are used to mount the wheel's axle and are often enclosed. For this reason, bearings are typically maintenance free. However, they should still be checked from time to time. When skating outdoors it's important to make sure that your bearings stay dry and clean. And for all skaters, both indoor and outdoor, it’s important to keep your bearings lubricated. Grease your wheels with bearing lubricant when necessary.

Check Your Wheels
Roller skate wheels are like car tires. You should check your wheels from time to time to prevent safety hazards. Make sure they are not too worn and that they are spinning properly. Damaged wheels should be replaced. And dirty wheels should be cleaned and kept free of debris. Objects such as small twigs can cause your wheels to stick and make it difficult to skate.

Roller skate maintenance is important for increasing the life of your skates. Well maintained skates can enhance your skating experience and prevent safety hazards. Do you have any roller skate maintenance tips? Share with us, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

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