The Skate Shop

Buy Roller Skates at Epic Rollertainment!

At Epic's skate shop, On Shore Wheel's and Things, you'll find roller skates for sale, and just about every accessory from skate laces to toe stops to wheels.  Our convenient Murrieta roller skate shop is located right inside Epic Rollertainment. Purchase a pair of skates for your beginner skater, or update your old pair of roller skates. Quad skates, derby skates, in-line skates, bearings, wheels and more are available! We can order anything we do not have in stock. We accept cash or credit cards.

ON SHORE is open for every open skate session and we are here to help you enjoy your roller skating experience. If you have any questions, give us a call at (951) 226-0602.

Don't forget, Skates make a GREAT gift!